Sunday, 6 November 2016

Economic Inequality in East Asia: Issues and Policy Responses


I had an exam recently. I was pretty lazy regarding the study preparation for this exam because I was pretty bad at getting my essay for a different course finished according to my plan... and then even after it was done I took a break for a whole day. As a result, all my preparation for this exam occurred earlier the same day.

Now, you might think that this sounds like a sure fire recipe for disaster and, in some courses, you'd be absolutely right. My next exam (in a couple of days) for example covers the entire course, so there's a huge amount of material to go through. However, for the exam just finished, we were given a list of topics that were guaranteed to be in the exam and told where they'd occur. In other words, because we only needed to answer four questions we only needed to study four topics... and we could answer an exam question that covered the same content as our essays (best educational practice would be not to do this, efficient studying says to do this). Luckily, this was an afternoon exam so all I needed to do was get into uni five hours before my exam (an hour spare to read over my notes, relax a bit before the exam, eat and stuff).

The trouble was that once I was in the exam I pretty much immediately hit that point where your hand is dead and it's a pain to continue. Why? Well, I'd spent two blocks of two hours of pretty solid (and sometimes pretty quick) writing during this ultimate cram. But because I'm me and because of the subject of the topic I was thinking about the potential of turning the topic's study notes into a blog post (this post) as I was writing. We might consider (the thoughts about the blog aside) this an insight into my study process (i.e. what my notes look like). Hopefully I'll eventually type up the answer I gave and add in the mark I got for both the question and the exam for completeness. Anyway, bearing that in mind, here's the post...

I leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine what course this was for.

Why is this via Scribd? Well, firstly, I wasn't strictly expecting it to look like this. Secondly, it was a pain in the arse to format this within an html environment

Some other things to note... I have edited the original handwritten notes somewhat to add a bit of clarity for you, dear reader, but in doing so some of the quirks of the original formatting are lost.

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