Friday, 25 March 2016

Death of a Clown

So, we have the preliminary result for the second of the flag change referenda... NO CHANGE. No more shall we have to poison our minds with the memory of that thing. No more shall we have to consider Kyle Lockwood a designer. No more shall we have to... hang on, life goes on.

Life does continue, so, naturally, John Key has had to come out and say that it won't be brought up again. (I believe him.) Notable flag changers, other than the sports stars (many of whom I feel, privately, did not vote for flag change whatever they said), have also been heard to say that the good thing was that interest was shown. Well, yeah, it kinda was... but 67% turnout is pretty bad. For something which is about the identity of people who call NZ, on whatever level, home, it's terrible.

The next move, it seems, is to revisit the question when the Queen dies. Now, either they think she's as durable as her mother (quite reasonable a proposition one must admit) or they are being very cynical. Alternatively, the view is to consider this again if (or when, as if this is inevitable: the arrogance*) New Zealand becomes a republic/starts a process which may end up with a republic at the end of it. Whatever. The impetus is gone and the thinking world can breathe a sigh of relief.

With the defeat of the flag change movement and its corrupt Panel, I think we can probably safely assume that a future process (such as one over whether to have a written constitution or a republic) will follow a different route. The PM of the day will probably have learnt Key's lesson (i.e. involving yourself probably harms your own personal preference). The Govt. will probably have learnt that people actually do care about whether one makes overtures toward democracy or actually delivers a democratic process. These are the big takeaways. Anti-democratic action defeated, we can now turn to wonder at the post TPPA world and marvel at our government's continued half-measures toward refugees.

I have one last hope, however. And that is that Andrew Little, that xenophobic weed, does not denigrate the victory attained here with his idea of Labour.

*Arrogance marks both flag change proponents and republicans in NZ, at any rate. Arrogance and flasehoods like "We're not independent".

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