Saturday, 22 August 2015

In Sickness

I've missed only a few days of uni. Almost all of them have been this week (Weds, Thurs) or last week (Weds, Thurs, Fri) because I a) had a flu/bad cold (I was prescribed antibiotics and everything) and b) I didn't want to risk my recovery (so why am I awake?).

Missing uni, at Auckland at least, isn't really a big deal. Basically, only you and your friends will know and the vast majority of lectures are recorded. However, it's still problematic in the sense that you will have to catch up on things. To that end, some quick advice.

One, watch the recordings as soon as you are able to

I've been well enough to work since Monday and I am basically a week behind on lectures. This was great today because the Comlaw lecture I had made reference to a lecture I am yet to catch up on.

Two, if you have to hand something in: contact your lecturer

I had the great misfortune of being at my worst on the same day that two things were due. My awesome eco lecturer let me bring the relevant assignment for that in on Monday and probably saved a train full of people from catching whatever the hell it was that I had in the process (I had finished it by Friday though). The other thing I just handed in online because that's how AROPA rolls for Comlaw.

Three, if you have other assignments work on them

Yeah... I'm going to have a very busy weekend working on a Stats assignment due on Monday. Odds are you will be well enough at some stage to work in bed. I was. Still felt terrible though (honestly, for the middle few days I couldn't really work).

Four, if you're well enough for lectures, go to them

Some awesome sounding stuff was happening in those recordings that I've seen thus far. Really, recordings aren't as good. Also, I missed a guest speaker and that wasn't recorded and the Facebook group was very vague about what was said.

Five, don't read 1am blogs

Sounds obvious, is obvious. As a corollary, don't write 'em either.

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