Saturday, 4 April 2015


I'm not a blogger. I don't define myself in that way and my experience with the internet is much more forum based. Forums are awesome... the only decent way to actually have a discussion on the internet. IRC, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. they all have opportunities to hold conversations but these are impermanent in the first case, difficult to access the past in the next and the last two make having prolonged conversations rather more difficult to follow. In this sense, I am a forumite and I'd recommend everyone to participate in forums too. But, still, I maintain this blog, don't I?

The problem that I have with blogs is that they're pretty hard work. With a forum, the audience is already there and the conversation can start pretty much as soon as you find a decent way to frame it. The only exception to this is if you're starting up a forum from scratch (although that's not too difficult if you are creating a splinter forum, you've just got to get the mechanics sorted out). With a blog, though? You've actually got to put in work (which I don't) to cultivate a readership. And you've got to create a different format. My stuff's long and wordy. Well read blogs tend to be less so or more formal. I'm also really education centric (although, that's partially because of my tag/label happy nature).

So, fundamentally, I'm not really cut out to be a blogger. I want to have a conversation. I want people to participate and tell me I think right. I don't want, as I have found out in the last few words, to be told that I am wrong. I don't actually handle that so well any more because even on forums you get self-righteous, hypocritical pricks who preach the good fight but, at heart, are silver-spooners with no empathy whatsoever (#behindtheirback)... er... okay, um. Moving on!

But, yeah, conversation is something. I want comments. They sort of justify some deeper narcissistic self but they provide a way for this blog to actually improve. Are the measures I have taken in some more recent posts to break things up, to include images and headings, actually a good idea? Or do I go back to the older model of what is basically an essay published via Google to an audience I can't be sure exists? Or, perhaps, even the very oldest model? Which is basically posting on a forum, except the other guy is on some other site and will probably never read the thing at all?

This is the problem that we forumites get, a lot of the time, with blogs. We see blogs purely as some extension of people looking to get their words out, not people who actually have something to say. So, even when I am a blogger, I'm the worst kind.


Working on something big, maybe I can get it done before the end of the assessment. Also, more hashtags?

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