Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Personal View: Introducing a Blog Series

This blog begins with "general views" but, for once, I will discuss a less big picture topic. So, where the other posts have added to the wealth of material on the national assessment structure known as NCEA, criticised a new payment scheme for the national Scholarship examinations or discussed mathematics in NZ's schools today this one will discuss courses at a specific NZ university. Welcome to "Stage One BCom courses at Auckland; a personal view by H. East". The title is a direct allusion to one of the documentaries that established that medium.

Firstly, what is a BCom? Basically, it's short for the Bachelor Commerce which works like a BA or a BSc in that there are a number of disciplines in the area that relate to a big theme. Where BAs are for arts and BScs for science, the BCom exists for business. As a consequence, one can study things like management, marketing, accounting and even a social science (i.e. economics).

Secondly, what am I doing? What sort of perspective are these views going to come from? Currently, I'm down for a major in economics although I may try and find another major in the BCom. The reason for that question is that  I am actually doing a BA/BCom conjoint with history. Originally this was because I also wanted to do maths as well (in the BA) but that's too difficult for me and I've only passed the two courses I've done in maths due to Auckland's dodginess (i.e. scaling), but I'm not principled enough to go up to them and say, "Fail me." Now I rationalise the conjoint decision with, "I decided to do economics as a BCom course because I wanted the broader exposure to business topics." That's not the whole truth, of course. My original justification is that I wanted three majors and, honestly, I still do. Additionally, I am, to an extent, experiencing buyer's remorse and the sunk cost fallacy. See, stage one courses are relevant to everyday life.

Thirdly, what do I hope to achieve? Why am I writing these? Every year I like to reflect on what I have done. Usually this has meant waiting for my NCEA results and then discussing them, frequently in conjunction with how the year went as a whole. Naturally, I'm not at college any more and I no longer do NCEA, but I still want to do this sort of thing. This time, though, I feel as if I can say things that are also helpful to people more broadly. So, on the off chance someone considering a BCom stumbles across this blog I'd like them to read my thoughts on the courses. I'd also like to have the facility to receive comments and to dedicate some formatted effort to the work. In short, this is mostly for me but it does have the potential to help.

So, let's start the series and post the overview.

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