Saturday, 9 January 2016

Infosys 110: Exam Resource

Infosys 110 was the subject of my second Business Core Courses review. Thus, one can say Infosys 110 is also, apparently, my most popular post. In a theoretical sense that is believable. After all, Infosys 110 is a fairly unique and confusing course (insofar as it never quite satisfactorily resolves that main question: what is infosys?). In that context it makes sense that a) people would search for more information and b) possibly stumble across this blog. The point is, though, that I should reward my readers. And so, for your viewing pleasure, a resource!

The following consists of my own exam from Semester Two 2014. The questions are not included (this resource assumes the readers will have access themselves due to being Auckland Uni students, presumably current/future Infosys 110 ones) and I provide only my answers to the short answer section. I will remind the readers that I did pretty badly on both D2 (57.5% after having challenged a few marks) and the test (69%) so I needed a good result on the exam. Ultimately I got 85%, although for the short answer section (what is provided here) I got 92%, on my way to an A-. Do not treat this blog as providing model answers.

For interest's sake there is also a very poor quality photo of (one side of) my cheat sheet (which I remind the reader was hastily made and was, in fact, the same one that I used for the test with some additions... and it was hastily made then as well).

For additional information on this exam please refer to the video the course made about it for one of the semesters that came after us (this should be available on Canvas because I can still access it via CECIL).

Apologies to interested parties privy to neither the questions nor the video... the provision of study materials by former students to other parties (generally future/current students) is a bit of a grey area, and this blog has yet to take a stance on the matter. Also, I assume that an exam paper is defined as the questions to the exam... and I do not have the university's written permission to put the questions up. If an exam paper is defined as a particular students' answers as well, I would assert that surely I am the copyright holder of my own answers and, therefore, I am free to do as I please with them. Certainly, I have not read anything to suggest that the university holds copyright over our assessments. (Not that I can do anything about the video.)

Compare and contrast the two kinds of cheat sheet that the dude in the video demonstrated.

Even the less intense one is much more involved than mine. I would imagine that the people who created both of these did better on the multi-choice sections than I did. However, the maximum grade I could have plausibly obtained was A- due to the poor performance in the aforementioned coursework examples so minimal regrets on my end.

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