Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Comlaw Girl and Annoying Guy

This blog's a little unethical because it's a little gossipy. That is, I'm going to say some things about some people without said people really knowing about it or, indeed, having an opportunity to respond. My apologies to those people.

Firstly, Comlaw Girl and Annoying Guy are people I do not know. In fact, this is my first point. At school you will probably get an opportunity to find out who everyone is. If I ever get the time, it'd be fun to create a parody of my meeting with a chap we'll call John. Basically, everyone (it seemed) knew John and was always talking about John but I was completely lost. Thus, it was arranged that John and I would meet. This, in reality, was a short conversation (iirc) outside my art room but in the parody it'd be some sort of mafia underworld thing. At university, or at least a uni of a scale like Auckland's, this is quite unlikely. You meet people through activities, maybe tutorials (even less likely lectures) or mutual acquaintances/friends (or chance)... if you're not in a hall or flatting or something like that. Thus, if you're continually recognising the same people sitting around you in a lecture, you'll probably never get to know them at all. Yet, you will see them fairly frequently and, perhaps (if you have no-one to chat to) you will notice them enough you need to have some sort of reference for them in your head (recall technical anonymity's point on names?). Which brings me to...

Secondly, Comlaw Girl and Annoying Guy really are just names I developed for my personal sanity. Comlaw Girl actually sat behind me in Accounting with a bunch of guys on a pretty consistent basis. However, the name comes from a time when I was sitting at a computer in OGGB outside the labs and she sat down in the chair to my left to do some work. Being the curious and easily distracted fellow that I am, I looked at her books and noticed one of them was "Comlaw 101". This would've been forgotten if I hadn't noticed her in Accounting later that day, where I presumably sat there thinking, "I'm sure I've seen here before... oh, that's the girl with the Comlaw book from before". Thus, was born Comlaw Girl. (We've never interacted.)

Annoying Guy, as the clearly loaded name suggests, has a different, as it were, origin story. I'm a history student and so is Annoying Guy. In fact, Annoying Guy's notable because in the last few weeks of the course we're both in at the moment he's really begun to embrace the participatory nature of the discussion. This is, theoretically, a good thing. However, in the last two tutorials he's seemed (particularly in the first of this run) to have almost dominated the discussion. It's one thing to get engaged with the material (and the dude's clearly done that and is, from my less informed point of view, well informed of quite a lot around this) and to participate in discussion, but there's just something about how Annoying Guy does this. Yet, perhaps my annoyance is because it's not me knowing these things and saying them (this bit's important) rather than listening to long, rambling tangents, or maybe it's unfair to pick out Annoying Guy because, let's face it, we may well struggle for student opinions (without his contributions). I like to think it's the pseudo-intellectual and non-concise, and sometimes irrelevant but still very long, nature of what he says though that is what made me start calling him Annoying Guy (in my head). All up, I'm glad the tutor is, in some ways, more steadfast in treatment of him. I'm more likely to interact with Annoying Guy than Comlaw Girl but, as yet, it hasn't happened.


So, what was the point of all this? A little commentary on how you end up meeting people? A reason to not be studying for a test I'm not going to do well on? Some strangely self-aware comment on how your mind may not be as nice a person as you are in person? Honestly, I don't know. It is important to be aware that you're going to think of basically strangers in particular ways and that you may not always be reflected well in how you think about others (and talk about them). On the other hand, if you think people will think like me if you speak up in a tutorial then I'm a menace to education (the problem's how Annoying Guy does it: get to the chase, elaborate if it's really important, don't help the session not get where it needs to be). Maybe the title just sounded cool in my head.

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  1. After years where I'm pretty sure that I never saw Comlaw Girl again (although I theoretically saw Annoying Guy the following year when he was a class rep) except /maybe/ this one time at the Museum, I recently saw her again. But I wasn't sure it was her. So I asked! It must have been very weird for her. Turns out she also does (did in my case) History! Incredible turn of events.