Saturday, 7 December 2013

We Are Here

Despite the plural there's actually only one of us. The name is actually meant to be read in line with the url. So, "We are Here" then "Too Right We Are". Basically it is meant to say, "Right, this time it'll be a more permanent arrangement and hopefully things will actually get written and, maybe, read".

This is just a quick introduction and I warn any prospective readers of a likelihood of a fair amount of focus on education... specifically as it applied to New Zealand because it's important and I'm interested in it. My interests may change but the NZ focus should remain constant. And it bloody well should. I am sick of foreign stuff being used to make, shape and evaluate New Zealand.

To add at least one more viewpoint, immigration should be freed up. Competency in any of the three official languages should be enough for persons under thirty with a bonus for education. Yeah, pretty iffy on the current details but I'll work on that. For now it's just the sentiment see. Immigration is good and should be encouraged... particularly for immigrants willing to move anywhere in the country that we should choose (and if there are immigrants willing to move into specific housing arrangements all the better -- we could get proper vertical living going on). Obviously, that would be on temporary basis, until they gain citizenship or some other such time period... can't permanently restrict basic freedoms like where to live.

While I was writing that paragraph I thought of housing. The obvious solution is to encourage residential purchases. That is, have a mechanism whereby houses bought to live in (whether by foreigners or locals) are encouraged while those bought for investment purposes (again whether local or foreign) are disincentivised (such as a Capital Gains tax or something). That mechanism would probably be something like a lower deposit margin if that is practical. Also, build more apartments. Condensed living is a long term necessity.

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